Welcome to The Everlands

Welcome to The Everlands Kingdom, the home of Elle, a twenty-two year old maiden with a strange gift for finding trouble even in her sleep.

Imagine being a prisoner of your own body and on top of that not being able to remember your past.

What would you do to regain your freedom?

What would you do to find out who you are?

And what if when you thought all odds were against you, fate sneaks in a chance for truth to come to light?

Would you take it?

Oh, yes, I forgot! What is life without love’s chaos? Elle finds out real soon that love and war are not much different from each other. She can prepare and arm herself for battle, but she learns the hard way that there is no armor that can protect her heart from love’s spear.

Join us in this adventure that has just begun and stand beside Elle as she goes through sorrows, pains, triumphs and endless adventures while finding out who she was, is and is meant to be.

If you have read this novel already please feel free to leave a comment here below, it’s always exciting to see what people think of my story. Or send me an email at inkedwordsbyajbell@hotmail.com

But if you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? You can find the eBook here or the Paperback version here

***Ethro medallion art by Adam Pippin


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