The Everlands Kingdom

So many stories so little time. If you read the first book and moved onto the second one, you can get a good look at where things take place based on this amazing map my friend Adam Pippin put together for me!

Have I procrastinated in updating this map for book three to make sense? Yes, guilty as charged. I had been struggling with the editing of this volume, unable to go beyond page four because something just felt wrong.

I wrote these series during a very rough time in my life, a lot of memories and emotions found a home in this pages and at that time comfort me, but having a heart to heart with Elle (yes, I talk to my characters a lot) or maybe twenty thousand chats, I have finally figured out what she meant with her “That’s not me. Fix me.” claims.

So, this morning I made it to page five and the story already took an interesting turn, and the nagging voice of Ellanora has taken more of an encouraging role, except for the part in which she has to wait until tonight since the kiddos are awake and it’s time to switch the quill and inkwell for the pots and pans!

Stay strange, my friends!

A.J. Bell


One thought on “The Everlands Kingdom

  1. Yay, that’s good news! Looking forward to Elle’s next adventure! There’s no time but the right time – for writing too!


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